FAQ for Users


What is TAM?

The Academic Monographs

A mobile application on android (available for download worldwide on Google Play Store) designed to provide academic materials and resources for Scholars, Researchers and Students of tertiary institutions.

The Academic Monographs is another on-line mobile library for Scholars, Researchers, Authors and Students across the globe to access academic materials on-the-go and right at the comfort of their office, home, hostel, class rooms, and recreation centers, in a bus going home or coming to school.
The application also provides students access to lecture notes few days to the lecture. With this heads-up, the class becomes interactive for both the teacher and the students as they simply share opinions, position, and summations. One of the advantages is that the students prepare their minds and questions before the lecture.
To appreciate the Authors of these intellectual works in form of ROYALTY, the user of the mobile application (The Academic Monographs) is expected to pay a token fee per material/downloads. This token is to appreciate the authors who dedicated their time, effort and financial resources in ensuring such profound academic materials are available for public consumptions.
Please note that only published materials are accepted on the platform.

What is the Benefit of this mobile app to Researchers and Students?
Pocket Friendly
Materials on the app “The Academic Monographs” are cheaper compared to making photocopies of the same material(s).
Time Management
The app “The Academic Monographs” saves you the time of surfing the net in search of materials.
Easy Search
Materials on the app has been categorized into different discipline such as Law, Botany, Theatre Arts, Economics, English and Literary Studies, Computer science, Accounting etc making it easier to search.
Broad Access
Researcher and students have far-reaching access to materials from several scholars from different tertiary institutions
Flexible and Portable
Researchers, especially students can access and read materials and lecture notes on-the-go and on their phone without moving around with multiple materials.
Cost Effective
Users can read material(s) offline. The student saves more on data using the app. Unlike browsing the internet, the student can put-off their data after paying for the material and still be able to read the material(s).

First, you need to sign-up on the app.
Click on the Menu at the top-right-corner of the app, click on “Log In” click on “sign up” if you are a new user. For existing users, fill in your login details.
After signing up, click on the menu and click on “My Account”
Click on “Top Up”
There are two payment system available on the platform – Quickteller and Paga. Choose either of them and follow the instructions.
Requirement: ATM card.
NOTE: Visa card, please use PAGA. Paga is also under the regulation of Quickteller.
Once the transaction is complete, return to the application and click on the supposed material, then select “Buy full article”
The material automatically moves to a folder called “my library”
Click on the menu and click on my library to access the material.



The user creates a profile immediately after downloading the application or at the point of purchase. At this point, the user is expected to create a username and password for further logins. Users can also personalize the application by uploading their pictures at the point of registration or after.
Once a username and password is created, an account is automatically created for the user; this enables the user(s) to credits his/her account and also uses his/her verve, visa or master card on the platform.
Once registered, users can buy academic materials on the platform. Once a transaction is successful, the complete materials are automatically saved to a folder called “My Library” in the application. Users can then read the full materials.
NOTE: At the point of buying, you will be required to supply your account/card information. This is safe as all financial institutions on the platform are secure, verified and safe.
My library is a storage unit created for every user immediately they create their profiles. All downloaded materials by users automatically goes to ‘My Library.’
My library is accessible to the student at all times with or without internet connections – offline.
In the case of a lost phone, please take the following steps:

  1. Buy a new “SMART PHONE” device
  2. Download the application again, and
  3. LOGIN to the application using your previous USERNAME and PASSWORD,
  4. Immediately, all previous materials will be RESTORED. This means, the user does not have to purchase those books over again.

Downloaded materials cannot be shared via Bluetooth, flash share, hotknot, slam or its equivalent.
However, students can share the abstract of any monograph on social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, google+, whatsapp, BBM, BBM group, BBM channels.

Contact: 08188929965 or 08089900284
Enquiries: info@tamng.org or theacademicmonographs@gmail.com