About TAM application

The Academic Monographs (TAM) is a mobile application on android (available for download worldwide on Google Play Store) designed to provide academic materials and resources for Scholars, Researchers and Students of Tertiary Institutions.

Recent research shows that students spend more time with their phones than they do reading. Also, there is a rapid decline in the use of library by Researchers, Scholars and Students, this does not only imply that our reading culture has dropped tremendously, it suggest that our libraries are not well equipped with recent academic materials. Scholars, Researchers and Students prefer to visit search engines on the internet to source for academic materials.

The Academic Monographs is another on-line mobile library for Scholars, Researchers, Authors and Students across the globe to access academic materials on-the-go and right at the comfort of their office, home, hostel, class rooms, and recreation centers, in a bus going home or coming to school.

The application also provides students access to lecture notes few days to the lecture. With this heads-up, the class becomes interactive for both the teacher and the students as they simply share opinions, position, and summations. One of the advantages is that the students prepares their minds and questions before the lecture.

To appreciate the Authors of these intellectual works in form of ROYALTY, the user of the mobile application (The Academic Monographs) are expected to pay a token fee per material/downloads. This token is to appreciate the authors who dedicated their time, effort and financial resources in ensuring such profound academic materials are available for public consumptions.
Please note that only published materials are accepted on the platform.